My name is Roslin (aka Renegade Pixie). As a child I was always artistic and loved geometry class, but if I recall correctly, I found my artistic style when I was a teenager.  A dear friend of mine had given me a set of lovely face paints which I started experimenting with. Im sure many people were quite 'weirded out' by me at the time for always having a different face on, but I just couldnt help it.  It was fun and I felt I had a knack for it. I then moved on to pencil or pen on any old paper.  My doodles seem to turn into drawings, which then turned back into painted art.  For some time now I have felt large urges to draw these circular images that I call mandala, although not in the tradtional sense.  From my perspective there was definitely something spiritual about them.  I soon found myself intrigued by crop circles, sacred geometry and fractal algorithms. I began spending hours, days, even months at a time painstakingly hand painting many of these mandala, and to be completely honest I dont know why, how, or where they come from.  I guess that's what they call a 'flow of creativity'.  I would find myself getting lost in these images as they soothed me.  I learned how to digitize my art which opened many doors for me.  My friends and family encouraged me to keep going and make more.  So here they are conveniently packaged on a website for your far.

I am self taught in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. I have built several websites over the last decade, from writing the html code, to designing all the graphics, to publishing online.  
I am experienced in designing logos, websites, business cards, cd covers, greeting cards, stickers, large format, signage, wall decals, car decals, art prints, tshirt printing (silkscreen and digital print)  Need help with a project?

I love feedback (of all kinds) so please feel free to drop me a line





The Renegade Pixie